Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submission of Articles

Innovate India is a quarterly (January, April, July and October) bilingual (Hindi and English) magazine aimed at promoting the culture of innovation in the society. As per our knowledge, there is no such magazine/journal in India which focuses exclusively on innovation and related aspects. This unique magazine/journal is itself an innovation and it will help in promoting the culture of innovation in India.

Suggested Areas for Contributing Articles

Articles and research papers are invited from the innovators, educationists, scientists and research scholars for publication in the magazine/journal Innovate India. The suggested areas of articles and papers are as follows.

  1. Conceptual articles on fundamentals of Innovation and related aspects explaining theoretical aspects of ideation, innovation, creativity, etc. including issues and concerns of Innovation.
  2. Case studies on product and process innovation in the field of agriculture and rural development, industry, education, technology, politics, society, business and management, etc.
  3. Biographical profiles of innovators - Our Path Finder highlighting their innovations and other contribution.
  4. Articles on entrepreneurial innovations, startups, examples of grassroots innovations around us including Indigenous innovations and Jugad.
  5. Write ups on innovative ideas and solutions to our daily life problems including out of the box solutions and practices.
  6. Research papers on innovation, entrepreneurship and innovative applications of ICT in education and other fields.
  7. Any other related topic or area including news on innovations, reviews of book on innovation and reviews of research studies & papers on innovations, reports of the seminars & conferences on innovation, etc.
Submission Guidelines
  1. All articles and papers should be written keeping in mind the objectives of the magazine/journal and the suggested areas for article and paper writing.
  2. Article and research papers should contain maximum 3000 words either in English or Hindi.
  3. All articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word Document (.doc file) for English in Times New Roman 12-point font and for Hindi in Mangal (12 point) or Krutidev font (14 point).
  4. Images, if any used in article should be in jpg format with proper captions.
  5. Authors are requested to kindly give their brief profile in about 100 words including email, mobile number and a coloured photograph.
  6. The language of the articles/papers should be simple and interesting.
  7. Article/papers should carry a self-declaration that the article/paper is original and has not been published elsewhere. Innovate India will not be responsible for any copyright violation. Plagiarism is not acceptable.
  8. As the magazine/journal is being published voluntarily in the interest of general public, there is no provision for any honorarium for contributing articles/papers in the magazine.
  9. Articles/papers should be submitted by email at or