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Innovate India, Vol.1, Issue 1,

Sr. No. Editorial Action
1 Editorial
Sr. No. Original Research Article Action
2 Innovation – A Way of Life —Shri Pranav Mukharjee
3 What is Innovation? —Dr. Oum Prakash Sharma
4 Building an Innovative Society —Lakshaman Prasad
5 Nature Inspired Innovations —Ram Sharan Dass
6 Digital Medical Pendant
7 Rational Outlook – Key for Innovation in Rural India—Dr. M.M. Gore
8 Saving Grains from Rats —Prof. N.K. Ambasht
9 Mudra- An Innovative Device Helping Deaf People to Talk
10 Square Watermelons
11 Setting Up Innovation Clubs —Dr. Oum Prakash Sharma
12 The Start-ups: Innovative Solution to Reduce the Gap Between Jobs and Job Seekers —Shubhanshu Sharma
13 EvoTag- An Innovative Device for Child Tracking—Shilpa Bhatnagar
14 Innovations in Rio Olympics —Himanshu Sharma
Sr. No. Much More Action
15 Band Aid–An Innovation Evolved from a Love Story
16 Fostering Innovations in Students
17 A Torch with an Additional Bulb
18 News & Views on Innovation
19 An Innvative Initiative by Indian Railway